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Oct 10, 2011

October 10, 2011—(Sacramento, CA) The Phillies and Yankees are out of the Fall Classic – baseball playoffs leading up to the World Series. Who would have imagined that? But after Boston’s epic collapse down the September stretch, why not? The problem for the Phillies and Yankees wasn’t pitching. No. Some of their big guns didn’t produce at the plate. In a game of statistics, both teams had poor on-base percentages, yielded too few runs and star hitters had low batting averages.

Which got us at Thermal Roof Systems to thinking about our batting average and sprayed polyurethane foam; last week we had our first rainfall of the season, including an intense period on Tuesday (Oct. 4) when we received about an inch of rain in just one hour. Being a Sacramento Commercial Roofing Contractor with approximately 9,256,000 square feet of polyurethane spray foam and insulated commercial roof installations, we naturally wondered if the phone might ring with reports of a word we fortunately rarely hear: “leaks.”

Well, the phone rang twice, and the leaks involved a faulty window seal and an unsecured HVAC unit. In other words, zero roof leaks from all of Thermal Roof Systems’ roof installations in the past six years. Now that’s batting 1,000!


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