Sustainable Building

Sustainable Solutions: SPF You Can Feel Good About

Thermal Roof Systems (TRS) prides itself on specializing in a sustainable product; one that businesses can be proud to install and that will last well into the future.   Reduce your company carbon footprint by using sprayed polyurethane foam.


  • Reduces energy use: highly efficient product lowers utility bills
  • Creates an air-tight envelope
  • Is recyclable: can be re-purposed into other materials
  • Results in less waste during installation (no tear-offs)
  • Is easy on landfills: Lasts twice as long as alternative insulation products
  • Reflects light

In a marketplace that is ever more environmentally conscious, it is important to consider sustainable options whenever possible. Foam offers a solution that has proven to last longer and put less strain on the environment and your bottom line. Plus, it provides the opportunity to garner up to eleven LEED certification points.  Foam will take your company one step closer to a carbon footprint that you can be proud of.

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