Market Segments

Spray Polyurethane Foam applications result in numerous benefits in many markets. At Thermal Roof Systems we believe that spray foam is the most reliable and highest performing material available. We service commercial, agricultural, residential, architectural and sustainable service segments. TRS stands behind SPF for its use across many markets and knows just how foam can work to benefit your business and present long lasting, cost-effective solutions.


Applications for Your Business: Commercial Re-Roofing Done by the Experts

Trust Thermal Roofing Systems (TRS) for all your commercial re-roofing needs.  TRS will upgrade any existing roof with closed cell sprayed polyurethane foam (ccSPF) with incredible results.  Read More.


Climate Control: The Power of Foam

Thermal Roof Systems (TRS) specializes in the application of sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) on agricultural and industrial buildings and storage facilities. Read More.


Customer Comfort

Closed-cell polyurethane foam (ccSPF) provides premium protection and comfort control for consumer environments. Read More.


A Seamless Approach

With its energy efficient results and contribution to LEED certification points, architects and project managers have been impressed with the performance of sprayed polyurethane foam.. Read More.