Applications for Your Business: Commercial Re-Roofing Done by the Experts

Trust Thermal Roofing Systems (TRS) for all your commercial re-roofing needs. TRS will upgrade any existing roof with closed cell sprayed polyurethane foam (ccSPF) with incredible results.

ccSPF is:

  • Seamless  – SPF can be applied over many difficult, uneven roof surfaces and can be layered to provide positive drainage in almost any area.
  • Waterproof & Leak Free
  • Cost effective
  • Lightweight – Materials will adhere to almost any surface and can be applied to any structure.
  • Durable  – SPF is especially resistant to hail and wind driven debris damage.  The acrylic coating protects the foam from UV light damage, but it is the foam that is the final barrier to water damage.
  • Long-lasting – ccSPF roofs are the most sustainable of all roofing systems.  With proper maintenance and regularly scheduled re-coating (every 15 years) there is virtually no limit to the length of time these roofs will last.
  • Energy Star Compliant (reflective “cool roof” coating)
  • Compliant with California Energy Code Title 24

SPF also promises:

  • A high effective R-value
  • A tight seal around penetrations
  • That is won’t shrink, settle or sag

TRS backs all installations with a leak-proof manufacturer’s and contractor’s warranty on any flat or low slope, industrial, office or other commercial roof.  Applied in liquid form on flat roof buildings, SPF expands approximately 30 times its original volume and cures in a short amount of time after application. Durable, weather resistant, and sun reflective, ccSPF, with a reflective elastomeric top coat, will help you save on utility expenses and future roof repairs and replacements, thus significantly reducing costs over time.

TRS focuses on existing roof evaluation, thorough preparation and highly skilled application of the product to ensure optimum adhesion.

Put your existing commercial roof “to sleep” by insulating above the roof. Benefits include waterproofing and leak prevention, strong insulation performance, superior compressive strength, and durability.  Additionally, using SPF roof systems may contribute points toward LEED certification.
TRS prepares the existing roof and applies polyurethane foam in strict accordance with the National Roofing Contractor’s Association (NRCA) and Henry® Company specifications. We provide a manufacturer’s and a contractor’s warranty, giving the building owner a single point of contact and accountability.  The warranty is renewable in perpetuity with periodic low cost elastomeric recoats.